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Sponsorship Opportunities

Why be a sponsor? You will have the opportunity to support survivors of abuse and their children get to safety, heal, gain clarity and strength, thrive, and then turn around and be able to inspire others .  We are breaking the cycle of abuse!

Available Sponsorships

Help someone SURVIVE and THRIVE!

  • Freedom Bag Sponsorship 

    • $150 sponsors 1 freedom bag for a survivor & their children.

    • Major Sponsor's ($5,000) name appears on the freedom bag.​

  • Trauma 2 Triumph Program

    • $200 provides a 6-week program for 1 survivor to go through our healing program.​

  • STEP Program​

    • $125 provides a survivor with education support, interview readiness, career assistance and more ​

  • Healing Intensive Retreat

    • $300 allows you to sponsor 1 survivor to attend our 3/2 retreat.

    • $5,000 sponsor an entire retreat for all attendees

  • Sponsor a LIVE Deeper Look Into Domestic Violence

    • Allows your service or product to be shared during the LIVE event. ​

Business Meeting

Additional Sponsorships 

Choose from single event sponsorships or consider an annual sponsorship that promotes your business all year long.

You can also sponsor a Stand Up Survivor signature event such as our Stand Up for Survivors Gala or our Healing Intensive Retreat.

Team Meeting
Depending on your sponsorship level, you'll receive:
  • Your company logo on event marketing materials and our website

  • Booth set up opportunities

  • Opportunities to speak in front of our members

  • Your information on our social media channels​


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