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Survivor Empowerment & Support Program

The purpose of the Survivor Empowerment Program is to ensure that survivors of domestic violence are able to seek and maintain- physical, mental, and emotional safety.  Our program is designed to empower the survivor to create a life free of abuse and take the steps to achieve it. 

Survivors commonly don't leave the relationship until they are sure that there is a safe, happy and healthy life available for them outside of it; we empower them to achieve that reality.

The Survivor Empowerment Program is a 10-week program. During the 10 weeks, the survivor works one on one with a master's-level trained domestic violence staff of Stand Up Survivor.  Each week they tackle a different challenge area for survivors.  

  • Educating them on what domestic violence really is

  • How trauma affects them & their children

  • How to become independent & self- sufficient

  • Rebuilding Healthy Relationships

  • Trauma Bonding

  • & much more.


Services are provided one on one between the client and advocate for intentional, interactive, education and support advocacy for the survivor.  Survivors need intentional, specific, case-by-case support to heal, become empowered and create a life of safety for themselves and their children.


Please note:  This program is only offered to organizations and agencies through a referral process.   

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