When did it become ok?

Since when did an image like this become something that we overlook, or expect, or scroll past? 

Why is it that an image like this does not make us cringe, cry, react, hurt or try to help?

Why have we become so conditioned to believe that we cannot help someone in this situation? 

Or if they really wanted to leave, they would? 

Or, hes a grown man, i can't make him stop hitting his wife/ her husband. 

When did this all become ok?

Women, men and children are dying everyday as a result of domestic violence?

People are taking their lives as a result of the pain that is endured by a victim/survivor of domestic violence.

Its NOT ok. 

We should never be conditioned to believe that this is just the way that life is, because its not.  

No one should have to suffer in silence because another person lacks self control and feels the need to degrade, abuse and manipulate another human being. 

It's NOT ok.

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