One day I woke up... .

I realized that if I didn't get out of this relationship, he would kill me...

Hello my name is Tiffany and this is my domestic violence story.

I met the guy who seemed to be a very awesome dude. I actually met him in Bible study. He seemed so into church and bible study. 

Never could I have known the person he really was until about 6 months down the road.

I moved across country a few months later, he followed.

I never knew he was an addict at that time or an alcoholic.

I've never done drugs in my life until I met him he talked me into doing meth for the first time. 

I thought it was only going to be a one-time thing, until it seemed he was never happy in a relationship unless drugs or alcohol were involved.  So he would always try to guilt me to do it.

So as the drugs became part of a relationship so did the abuse.

Every time he would be coming off of drugs or I wouldn't want to do it I would get punched in the face.

He would choke me and twist my arms behind my back.

He went to jail about three or four times because of this  Each time I would drop the charges because I always felt like he could change.

But then the beatings would get worse.

He would get to the point where he would restrain me so I couldn't fight back. A few times he hit me so hard in the head that I actually blacked out, fell to the ground and when I would come to he would be like "oh stop pretending and get up".  

I  even had broken fingers from him twisting my fingers and hands back.

He also drugged me to unconsciousness and raped me for drugs along with a friend of his.

I just kept thinking I know he can change.

He  would sweet talk me or tell me what I wanted to hear every time I would try to leave.  So I would come back and then it would just go back to the same old beatings and torture.

Finally,  one day I woke up and realized that if I didn't get out of this relationship he was going to kill me.

So I started planning a little by little each day and I eventually left.

It wasn't easy and it took a lot of strength for me to leave. 

But the day I left I never looked back and it was the best decision I ever made!

Sometimes I think back that if I would not have made that decision I'm pretty sure I would have been a body the police would have found, the true victims, the ones that don't make it out.

So today I'm so glad to say I'm a survivor!

One of the worst nightmares of my life I survived!  I can live and tell other girls to help them hopefully come out of their nightmare.

Now I'm married to a wonderful guy

He has never lifted a finger towards me and treats me like a woman is supposed to be treated. 

Our one-year wedding anniversary is coming up and we have a beautiful 5 month old daughter with another baby on the way!

It took my husband to show me that every woman, even me, deserves to be treated with respect and love and that everybody is worthy of love. 

This is something I never thought was possible until I met my husband.

Everybody is worthy of love and nobody deserves to be hurt and tortured in a relationship.

I'm so glad I took the steps I took and left that toxic relationship, because I look at my life now and it's beautiful!

 I am in school now to work with survivors of domestic violence so that i can help others. 

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