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love after abuse book collaboration

Volume 2

  • Share your story of finding love and life  after abuse

  • Creates an additional stream of income

  • Paperback Publishing

  • Ebook Publishing

  • Digital download in pdf format

  • Online distribution through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online book retailers

  • Book debut

  • ...and more!

There is a financial investment!


I have been a part of 2 book collaborations and am therefore a 2-time author!  It has been an amazing and empowering journey to share my story.  It has also opened the door to me for different speaking engagements.  I have loved being able to give people hope by sharing my story.  The extra income was a welcomed bonus!  I've made my initial investment back several times over and can continue to do so for the rest of my life with my books. When people find out that I've written a book they always want to read it and support me.  

Lisa- Founder & CEO of Stand Up Survivor

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