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Stand Up Survivor

 Global Mission Ambassador Program

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Board members at the annual Stand Up Survivor board retreat

Stand Up Global Mission Ambassadors work as a dedicated network of survivors to make a positive and lasting impact. At Stand Up Survivor, we believe that when we educate people about Domestic Violence, they can help to eradicate it. By joining the SUGMA fellowship, you will be in a position to support those in your community who are currently or have previously experienced domestic violence. As a global network, we will be able to more effectively inspire, empower, and educate survivors and impact public policy. Together, we can see domestic violence eradicated from the world we live in today and for generations to come.

The Benefits of joining the SUGMA fellowship are: 


  • Stand Up Survivor official shirt, print materials, and goodies

  • Comprehensive Domestic Violence Education Training 

  • Connection to a global community of survivors to network with and gain knowledge and skills from. 

  • Ability to help others through education and prevention

  • Ongoing continued education on domestic violence

  • Stand Up Survivor Ambassador recognition on our website and social media platforms

  • Discounted Member Pricing to events, conferences, and healing retreats

  • Private Facebook Group exclusive to SUGMA members


A Stand Up Global Mission Ambassador is someone who: 


  • Has been out of their abusive relationship for 2 years and is no longer in danger.

  • Has access to a computer and internet connection

  • Is willing to complete our Stand Up Survivor Ambassador Training (2hrs Virtually)

  • Is over the age of 18

  • Is willing to attend bi-monthly virtual meetings

  • Has had some type of, or continues with ongoing therapy, counseling, group, modality, etc and is able to manage possible triggers.

  • Is willing to share their story with others


The Responsibilities of a Global Mission Ambassador are: 


  • Engage in your community locally and on social media with domestic violence awareness

  • Be prepared and ready to share your personal story

  • Be willing and active in fundraising for Stand Up Survivor

  • Be prepared to speak at engagements, sharing domestic violence awareness and education

  • Understand, agree, and believe in the mission and vision of Stand Up Survivor

  • Assist on the ground in your local community during Stand Up Survivor Healing Retreats or conferences.

  • Represent Stand up Survivor at networking or fundraising events, conferences, etc.

  • Collaborate with Stand Up Survivor on its mission to eradicate domestic violence through utilizing your skills, education, experience, resources, and connections. 


Ambassador Fellowship Dues: 


  • Dues are $10 per month or $100 for a calendar year when paid in full.

Commitment:  PLEASE NOTE:  This is a COMMITMENT.  If you desire to be a part of the ambassador team you must be committed to being an ACTIVE member of the Stand Up Survivor team.  

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