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Ways to give

Stand Up Survivor

Stand Up Survivor supports hundreds of survivors a year.  We provide Freedom Bags, healing retreats, gift cards for food, clothes, hygiene products, transportation assistance, safety planning, therapy groups, and more, but the need far surpasses what we're able to assist with.  Your support helps us continue this life saving work and assist more survivors. Scroll down to see some testimonials from survivors. Thank you for your generosity! 

What does my donation do?

Great question!  The amount you choose to donate will vary which service we're able to provide.  The following is an example of what each donation amount allows us to provide:



  • A gas card for transportation assistance 

  • Meals for a family


  • A new cell phone for the survivor to communicate safely

  • Gift cards for food and/or gas


  • One-on-one counseling sessions

  • Group therapy sessions

  • A Freedom Bag


  • Relocation assistance to somewhere safe

What survivors are saying about us

"You saved my life this weekend."

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